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When it comes to life and death, the difference is a fine cut.

Hidden away by his aunt, Nestor has lived his entire life isolated from the devastation caused by the Great Conflict. When his persistent headaches become life threatening, the truth forces him on a journey into a dangerous world where children are a valuable catch; and his problems are just beginning.

Narrowly escaping an infamous child hunter and his cohort of scarboys, Nestor is taken in by Lucre and the Children Y, a ragtag group of kids living secretly in an abandoned factory. But their eventual discovery puts everyone in danger. Nestor, Lucre and Del escape with their lives but must confront the perils of nature to survive.

As they learn more about why children are hunted, Nestor realizes the role of friendship, the value of self-sacrifice, and his own special talents in saving the world from the hands of evil men. And none of them is ready for the startling truth behind the scarboys and the terrible mastermind who fabricates them.

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